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Mark Lambe

Software Developer

An illustrated timeline of my career. An illustrated timeline of my career.
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¡Hola! I’m Mark!

I’ve been writing code for fourteen years, primarily for the web, and I’ve become pretty good at it.

I’ve worked with big companies, small companies, and individuals to create great web-apps and sites.

I’m a nerd when it comes to software-development processes and I believe good team organisation leads to great software.

My contact details and skillset are described below, and my full CV is just a bit further down ☺️

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Mongo DB
Unit Testing

I have lots of experience with other technologies, like PHP, C#, C and C++, and Typescript, but I consider the ones above to be my core strengths.

I’m also a certified Scrum Master and have some product management experience. I can do some design, like this site, and prototyping too.

If you’d like to chat, here’s my email address, it’s an image to avoid bots grabbing it.

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Finally, here’s my CV, you can open and download it as a PDF.